Best Disposable Cat Litter Boxes In 2022 - Top Picks and Guide

Best Disposable Cat Litter Boxes

If you are going through the challenge of having to travel with your cat for some reason, it’s time to get one of the best disposable cat litter boxes out there. Investing in disposable and travel kitty litter boxes is one of the best things to do to help your feline friend. Starting with a discussion of features of the best disposable cat litter boxes, this blog will tell you what makes Klassy Kitty one of the best disposable cat litter boxes money can buy. After reading this blog, you can happily toss away your cat litter pans and start using disposable cat smelly litter boxes.

Features of the Best Disposable Cat Litter Boxes

There are some distinct features that set the best disposable cat litter boxes apart from the rest. They include:

1. Made of Recyclable/Biodegradable Material

Compared to a litter pan, the best thing about a disposable cat litter box is that it is made of environment-friendly biodegradable material. Cardboard litter boxes, for instance, offer a much better alternative to plastic. Plastic litter boxes often contain bisphenol-A, also known as BPA. This compound caught the public eye when it was identified to cast negative results on the brain after it seeps into food and drinks via plastic cutlery, food bags, and glasses. While research still has not reflected how unsafe BPA exposure is for cats, we should take a “better-safe-than-sorry” approach here. The best disposable cat litter boxes money can buy are made of biodegradable materials.

2. 100% Feline Guaranteed Litter

At the end of the day, the best disposable cat litter boxes should be able to offer you premium-quality cat litter. It should be something your cat accepts and is comfortable with. These lazy and sassy beings love their comfort and tend to reject litters they don’t like, so this is important. An ideal disposable litter box would use pre-measured litter with some ingredient in it that would make it easier for your cat to get used to. It should also have a drying quality to it.

3. Advanced Odor Control

The best disposable cat litter boxes have odor control technology. They would either use clumping clay that would absorb the urine odor and have an additional ingredient such as activated Charcoal that would trap the odor in its micro pores. A good type of cat litter is Bentonite litter. You need something that would dry the cat urine within seconds. Only travel litter boxes having advanced odor control features can offer you that benefit.

4. Household-Friendly

You need one of the best disposable cat litter boxes having some really good traits, such as being easy on your house just as much as it is on your pet. It must be household-friendly, which means you should be able to use and discard it easily. It must be made of biodegradable or recyclable material and must absorb odor and keep dust at a minimum so that cleaning up doesn’t become a hassle for your family members. When you switch to the best disposable cat litter boxes, all the cleaning you need to do is to place the used tray in the supplied, specially marked “Used Litter” disposable bag and discard, because there won’t be any unwarranted dust.

5. No More Cleaning & Drying Litter Pans!

Gone are the days when you would keep endlessly scrubbing your pet litter pans! Those litter pans needed to be cleaned frequently, and the hard-to-remove stains had to be scrubbed with a proper brush and detergent. Then there used to be the whole drying process that made you wait all that while before you could refill the pan. All this is history now. The best disposable cat litter boxes have made life easier and simpler by reducing the hassles you need to go through. They don’t leave unnecessary dust behind either.

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Klassy Kitty is one of the best disposable cat litter boxes you can get for your pet. It comes in two variants:

  1. Klassy Kitty (1 cat lasts 2 months, 2 cats last 1 month each)
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Klassy Kitty also offers a decoratively designed Kitty Cottage to help prevent litter from being kicked out.

Klassy Kitty disposable cat litter boxes offer:

  • Recyclable/Biodegradable Material
  • 100% Feline Guaranteed Litter
  • Advanced Odor Control
  • Household Friendly Usage & Disposal
  • No Need to Clean & Dry Litter Pans

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