Why Use A Disposable Kitty Litter Box - Easy Guide and Information

Compared to plastic litter boxes, disposable kitty litter boxes are much healthier. They are recyclable and can be used easily when traveling with your cat. But these are not the only reasons you should use them. This blog contains all the reasons that make using disposable kitty litter boxes a breeze!

Why Use A Disposable Kitty Litter Box?

You should use a disposable kitty litter box for the following reasons:

1.    Your Cat Has Medical Issues

A commonly occurring medical problem among cats is a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). If you take your cat to the vet and ask you to provide your cat with a separate litter box, using disposable kitty boxes is a good idea. When going for these boxes for medical reasons, try to get a plastic box so if the vet asks for a cat urine sample, you can get it easily (your cat can’t pee at cue!) Remember, sick cats feel better using a plastic box, so if you have multiple cats buy one disposable kitty litter box per healthy cat.

2.    You Need to Do Some Serious Odor Control

Disposable kitty litter boxes are great at controlling odors. The ammonia in cat urine tends to seep into the plastic, making the smell linger on. Tossing away the box and getting a new one every month days resolves this issue. Moreover, some types of kitty litter have baking soda added to trap additional odors but can make the litter pasty. Klassy Kitty Cottage, for instance, is shaped in the form of a house that your cat needs to step into to relieve itself. Its shape prevents litter from falling out after your cat uses it, so it’s best for traveling.

3.    Disposable Kitty Litter Boxes Can Be Recycled Easily

Cardboard disposable kitty litter boxes are essentially made of paper, making them much more recyclable and biodegradable than plastic kitty litter boxes. A huge amount of plastic gets used in the US because cats are some of the most popular pets here. Most experts suggest having one litter box per cat and an extra, which is why people have started consuming plastic a lot more than they used to. Making the switch now to disposable kitty litter boxes will reduce the burden you cast on your environment!

4.    Disposable Kitty Litter Boxes Are Ideal for Traveling with Your Cat

Since these boxes don’t need to be washed and dried, disposable kitty boxes are best for when you need to go someplace with your cat. Gone are the days of moving around with a kitty litter box full of clumps! Now you can easily take your disposable trays with you the next time you hang out with your best friend for a staycation. Let your cat use the disposable kitty litter box and then toss it away once you get back home.

5.    Discarding a Disposable Kitty Litter Box is Easy-Peasy!

Many owners of plastic kitty litter boxes tend to make a monthly cleaning regimen of emptying and scrubbing the boxes. They use bleaches and chemicals to clean effectively, and the scrubbing requires quite some effort. One of the best things about getting a disposable kitty litter box is that you don’t need to do all this! Cleaning the litter tray once is not as hard as you might think. But over time, all this extra time spent scrubbing could be saved up – and put to good use! Just discard the used kitty litter box properly.

How Long do Disposable Kitty Litter Boxes Last?

On average, a disposable kitty litter box would last you around 3 or 4 weeks, and that’s about one month. It varies, however, based on the type of material used to make the box, as well as the kind of litter (clumping or non-clumping) you fill it up with.

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