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Disposable Cat Litter System Packages


Say goodbye to smelly litter boxes and the dreading moments of changing cat litter. Go Klassy!

Each month you receive a complete disposable cat litter boxes system that includes everything you need to provide the best litter care for your kitty. A clean fresh litter environment is best for you and your pet. Our Klassy Kitty lasts 2 months, it’s delivered monthly right to your door and costs about the same or less when considering the hassle and cost of premium store bag litter.

  • Functional and practical designed for single or multi-cat use
  • Fresh litter change better for your cat
  • Pre-measured litter- save money

  • Decorative design
  • Reduce contamination
  • Leak proof disposable litter trays


Benefits of Cat Litter Subscription Services

  • Convenience. No more hauling cat litter home from the store. The cat litter shows up right at your door.
  • No more late-night trips to the store. How often have you forgotten to get cat litter or run out? Cat litter subscription will arrive monthly, so you don't have to remember to purchase it. Better for your health. No one enjoys breathing in cat litter or cat litter odors. Our cat litter disposal system is easy.
  • Less mess. Cat litter can become messy. With our cat litter subscription, the box contains the cat litter and is changed every month for optimal cleanliness.

  • Environmentally friendly. The cat litter box itself is biodegradable, made from sturdy cardboard. The disposal bag is biodegradable, too.
  • Saves you time. It takes less maintenance and cleaning of cat litter with our cat litter subscription. Plus, you'll spend less time at the store.


Why is Klassy Pet Better?

100% Feline Guaranteed Litter

At Klassy Pet Products, our mission is the satisfaction of felines and their humans. We offer the best quality and reliable products that ensure comfort to all the lazy and sassy pets out there.

Our Klassy Kitty litter boxes use premeasured litter Bentonite clumping with activated charcoal or Silica Gel which absorbs cat urine in seconds, stays dry, and keeps the odor trapped inside its micro-pores. Both of our cat litters are soft on kitty paws, non-toxic, and low dust.

Return to Earth

Easy to Use


Cleaner and Safer

Klassy Pet Litter is made from naturally occurring material that help control odor and reduce dust while also being family and pet-safe.


Less Dust
Less Mess

No more Scrubbing,Cleaning and drying litter pans


“Wow, what an amazing product! Our home feels so much cleaner... Don’t give it another thought - it’s so much better for everyone "

Katie W

"I admit that at first I didn’t have a lot of confidence that such a small and light amount of litter could do the job so much better than.. "

Heather M

"I have finally found the perfect kitty litter in existence!!!! I'm going to keep the monthly subscription of this genius litter...."

Chelly N


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