How to Get Rid of Smelly Litter Boxes For Good - Easy Guide and Information

Are you having trouble with smelly litter boxes? A litter box with an unpleasant smell gives you a good reason to control litter box smell. You need to pay the same attention to the kitty litter smell that you pay to your toilets. After all, it is a matter of hygiene and health for cats.

But if that's still not enough for you to take care of litter box odor, imagine having a sense of smell 14 times stronger than a normal human being has. That's how sensitive cats' olfactory senses are. This means that even if the litter box smell is very insignificant to you. It will still disturb your cat enough to stop using it and cause health issues such as burning eyes, nose, and throat. Getting the best disposable cat litter boxes is one of the most viable solutions for the matter. This blog will help you learn different ways to deal with smelly litter boxes.

How to Get Rid of Smelly Litter Boxes For Good

Many people feel the idea of adopting a pet cat off-putting just because of the nuisance to constantly deal with smelly litter boxes. But it doesn't necessarily have to be that problematic. Follow these tips to control litter box smell efficiently, and you will be good:

1.    Change Your Cat's Diet to Healthy Food

You might want to start with the root cause. If you notice a foul kitty litter smell, you should consider the kind of food your cat is currently having. It's best to consult the vet or your feline nutritionist for healthy changes to its diet, and that's a safe and permanent way to deal with litter box smell.

2.    Make Sure the Litter Box is Placed in a Ventilated Spot

Many cat owners tend to keep the kitty litter box in a dark place like a garage as it keeps it out of sight. But that's a very bad idea. If you place it somewhere dark and out of sight, you might forget cleaning it up.

Instead, you should place the litter box in a spot with enough sunlight as it helps release trapped odors. Also, ensure the litter box spot gets enough ventilation as it takes the lingering litter box smell out. See what areas your cat feels comfortable in relieving itself, and that should help you figure out a viable place for the box.

3.    Clean the Litter Box Regularly

Do yourself a favor and get clumping litter for your cat. It makes life way easier. Clumping litter is much better in terms of quality and odor absorption. It forms clumps of the litter, which you can scoop out with a litter scoop. You can then fill the litter box with a fresh layer so your cat has enough litter to poop easily.

This is essential because cats tend to avoid pooping inside the box when they feel less litter available. If you have a permanent litter box, you can clean it with unscented soap and warm water and let it dry before adding fresh litter.

Spraying an antibacterial solution is safe for cats, and it also helps to get rid of lingering litter box odor. Cleaning the litter box regularly is important to prevent smelly litter boxes from bothering you.

4.    Don't Try to Mask Smelly Litter Boxes

It's easy to mask the litter box smell with an air freshener. But that does not always work. It can cause your feline to gag because most scented air fresheners contain toxic ingredients. Other things you need to watch out for include potpourri oils, which tend to burn a cat's skin.

It's also a bad idea to use scented plug-in wallflowers, as they are just another version of air fresheners. Instead, try to use natural scents such as some essential oil that does not bothers a cat. You could try light and soothing smells such as peppermint.

5.    Add Charcoal Filters to the Smelly Litter Boxes

Charcoal has scientifically proven its effectiveness in getting rid of stubborn smells and also works the same for litter box odor. Charcoal being renewable gives you an edge in using it as a long-term solution. You can use them for a couple of months and renew them by putting them under direct sunlight for a couple of hours. Charcoal is a non-toxic ingredient to remove odor that is natural and inexpensive, just like baking soda.

6.    Sprinkle Baking Soda on the Smelly Litter Boxes

Speaking of baking soda, it is another non-toxic odor neutralizing ingredient that serves as a great natural deodorizer to deal with smelly litter boxes. Sprinkle just a little bit of unscented baking soda, and the litter box smell would start getting trapped. But that doesn't mean you can skip scooping the clumps and washing the litter box.

7.    Buy the Best Litter Brand For Your Cat

Cat litter comes in various styles, making it harder to figure out which one is best. Just be careful not to get a scented cat litter as it hardly helps control litter box smell. Most cats also hate the artificial smell and avoid using it. It's also a good idea to use a new type of cat litter by mixing it into the old litter your cat is used to, so it's not too sudden for your cat and they have the time to get used to it. The best litter brand for your cat is Klassy Kitty, which offers:

  • Recyclable/Biodegradable Material
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  • No Need to Clean & Dry Litter Pans


Make your pet cat feel happy and loved by getting rid of smelly litter boxes for good. Go Klassy today!