How It Works

Say goodbye to your cat litter woes! Klassy Kitty is an all-in-one disposable cat litter system that is delivered right to your door. Each system includes everything you need to eliminate scrubbing and cleaning litter pans and provide a monthly clean and fresh environment that is best for you and your pet!

Getting Started

Klassy Kitty is an all-in-one disposable cat litter system that includes premium,  pre-measured litter, biodegradable disposal bags and fresh litter trays. The kitty litter trays are leak proof and simple to assemble — easy to follow the instructions to set up the tray in minutes. Included is our unique wall extender that helps prevent litter from being kicked out, or you can choose to add our Klassy Kitty Cottage, which transforms the tray into a fun, mess-free litter box (FREE with our subscription option a $20 value)

Switching Out Litter Trays

Each Klassy Kitty system comes two kitty litter trays and pre-measured, premium litter and which will last two months for a single cat or one month each for two cats! The process of switching them out is easy! Simply lift-off the Cottage (if applicable), slip the entire tray into the included self-sealing disposable bag, and toss the bag in the trash. Eliminate having to touch soiled litter and the need to scrub, clean, and dry smelly litter pans. ORDER YOUR KLASSY KITTY TODAY!

Convenient Subscription Shipments

Selecting our subscription service means that you’ll always have the supplies you need to maintain a clean and fresh litter box environment! One less thing to worry about, you’ll not only appreciate the time and money saved by not having to run to the store, but you’ll also enjoy the eliminated hassle and mess that comes with maintaining litter boxes.


We’re confident that cat owners will love all that the Klassy Kitty's disposable cat litter systems has to offer. It certainly makes litter box cleaning and maintenance easier and less messy! We encourage you to try it for yourself — if you’re not completely satisfied, just return within 30 days and you’ll be issued a full refund!

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